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Thursday, October 05, 2006

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The Princess and the pc
Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
is the first royal to launch a blog in Thailand, and she's making use of the British Council website to host it In a country where the royal family rarely communicates directly with the public, Thai Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has become something of a technological trailblazer.The 51-year-old princess launched the country's first royal blog on Saturday, which she says is aimed at persuading her fellow Thais to embrace English. 'We have witnessed in this past century that English has become a global language without much understanding of the process,' she wrote. 'Nor can we say that we really know the extent of its influence and status as the global language. But we can be sure of one thing: English can be used as a key to better understanding.'The blog appears on the British Council's website. Peter Upton, Director Thailand, said colleagues were honoured that the Princess had agreed to report on their 'Future Perfect' conference with the first ever royal blog. 'We are delighted to have a blog by such an eminent contributor', he said. 'This reflects Her Royal Highness’s commitment to scholarship and understanding using the latest technology to develop dialogue between peoples. For the British Council it is an excellent example of long-term partnership between the UK and Thailand.'
The blog is a continuation of our efforts to improve the teaching of English in Thailand. Earlier this week the Princess presided over the two-day 'Future Perfect’ conference on English language policy for global transition, jointly hosted by the British Council and the Thai Ministry of Education. (You can read more in last week's BC World.) The conference, attended by 450 policy makers and educators in Thailand, stirred public interest and alerted Thai education policy makers on the significance of transforming their ELT policy over the next few decades. The agenda was inspired by David Graddol’s ‘English Next’ report and David himself flew to Bangkok to take part as the keynote speaker for the conference. Thanks to the high level of coverage for this special blog, the number of visitors to the British Council website has increased from 2,000 to over 10,000 in just a few days.
Meanwihle in Thailand, royal watchers said the Thai princess's blog was not that surprising, given that she is known to be technology-savvy and routinely e-mails intellectuals in the region.
Take a look at Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s blog: http://access.britishcouncil.or.th
For more information please contact Nuttaa Mahattana

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Great trip

Hello .. everybody

Last Saturday I went to Prajuab province with my friends for visual studys about water colours painting and How to make sand statue. It was wonderful time that you can learn and travel both in same time.

First day , I visited Kao Wang in Petchburi.There's the Palace of 4th King in Thailand which fusion Thai art style and Europeon art style together, around The Palace lots of big trees. I was walking on pathway that lie on the top of mountain , I stop watched scenery around there. Everything seem to be very small as Lego toys, onething there are alot of monkeys [terrible monkey -__-"] It's very rude monkey.The Monkey stole a cup of water from my hand while i was talking with my friend.

Second day , we went to Manao bay for painting and making sand statue lessons. I was looking at the end of sky , I felt contented and took a deep breath 3 times .^oo^ I've had impressed that.

Third day , We woke up a little late morning It may was an effect from alcohol drinks . ha ha
So, we went back to BKK directly, but did not forget buy some suvenir and sea foods to home. Well I've been impressed for this trip and just knew Thailand more amazing.



My office is opposite the house of government so I'm familiar with mob and
political activities.

Tuesday evening I finished meeting at 6.00 p.m..My boss told me and my
colleague " You should go home now, I heard it's going to have coup tonight."

Tuesday night my sister called "Turn on TV. It's having revolution."
I told her it is not revolution , just coup then turned on TV but I saw the same scene and heard many songs for an half hour,so I went to bed.

My friend called from Chaengmai at 11.30 p.m. "What happen?"
"Nothing." "Are you sleeping, don't you know there is coup in Bangkok." " I know, thank you for calling."

6.30 a.m. my father called "Don't go to work today is day off." "Thank you so I can sleep until 9.00."

Thursday and Friday I went to work. There were many soldiers near my office. In their hand full of food, red and yellow roses. They smiled at me so I smiled back.

At my office,every meeting was cancelled. I did my work all day and went home at 4.30 p.m.. Nothing can change my life even coup!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Task : by Aom

Hi! Ed and every one!

For the current situation, everything is okey!^^ The coup is not violent as other countries think. And I'm fine even though my home is the same area as Mr. Thaksin's.

My home is in Jaransanithwong 85 alley. I think there are several changes in my area over the last 10 - 15 years. The obvious change is a tunnel. They have built it to solve the traffic jam at Bangplad intersection. Next, near my home, there is a public park that was built for 2 or 3 years. In the past, it was just an empty area. This park is useful for people doing sports like soccer, and also suitable for jogging. Last, many houses have become mansions. They have built 4 buildings in a few years which the two ones are finished and the others are under construction and can open in very soon.

The change has both advantages and disadvantage in it. Therefore, don't fear to face the change and try to look for the good site when changing such as Thailand in this day.

Goodluck in exam if you are going to have like me! ^^;
See you all on sunday!!!^^

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day Off Too?

The BC is closed today.

If you have some free time you can use this space to post about the current situation,

take care,

Sunday, September 17, 2006

BC Level 4
A strangerYesterday, my mother told me that there was a stranger came into our home while I was shopping at the supermarket nearly my home. He asked my mother for a money. She gave him 40 baht. She gave him a money because she afraid that he would harm her. My mother was staying alone at home because my father was working at his office and the stranger seem like he was taking drug.He refused. He said that "You must give me59 baht for bus fare to Kanchanaburi province" So, she gave him 60 baht. He still had goodness and honest. He gave a change to my mom 1 baht and thanked her.I told my mom that he not bad at all."Luknoo"

Listening Links

Hello all,

here are some links for you to practice listening, if any of you have the time:


if you know of anymore or have some ideas to help practice listening then please let us know - post here.

Also "comment on the changes in your neighbourhood over the last 10 - 15 years." Try to recycle some of the structures from class. You can post here or bring it to class. Also if someone post something about an area you know, please comment.

I will check the reading exercise we started, the week before last,"saying yes when we want to say no" next week in class.



Saturday, September 16, 2006


I'm fall in love with my RMK-make up base 01.

Because when I was applying LM loose powder someone told me "Today your face look matte"

It made me lost my self-confident. So I went to Central Chidlom to buy make up base.

RMK is very popular in “pantip.com”. It makes my face glow after I apply to my face.

It look natural my face doesn't matte anymore.


I love RMK's BA too. Her name P'Pla.She told me she's not BA she’s RMK’s supervisor .

OMG I'm so lucky to saw her. She’s good advisor.

She let me try a lot of shade of cosmetic at her counter

and she helped me chose shade that suitable for me.

Koy(Goy: little finger)


Hello! Everybody.

The story about myself that I was very embarrased.

Last week I had an appointment with my friend at KFC at Central Pinklao. When I reached there, I was looking for my friend but there were many people in there. They were sitting and eating. Suddenly, I saw somebody was sitting on the corner and sitting with her back to me. I thought that she was my friend Nang and I hit her hard on her back and said

" Hi! Nang. How are you?"

When she turned around, He was not Nang but he was a lady boy.
I was very embarrased and I quickly said

"Sorry Sorry"

and went running out of the shop and called to my friend.


This Week Homework : by Aom

Hi! Everyone^^

Here is my story.


A Story of Three Girls

I went out with my friends yesterday. We decided to have lunch in a Japanese restaurant, named Brown Eyes, where was located on Sukhumwit road. We went to there by BTS from Siam station to Prompong.

In the restaurant, we sat near the window. The foods which we ordered were Omelette Rice with Curry Sauce, Omelette Rice with White Cream Sauce and pasta. They were very delicious. We were chatting and eating at the same time like ordinary women. I couldn't remember what we were talking about in that time. However, I can remember one of my friends was telling me and another friend someting about her new friends or something like that. While she was talking, she stopped immidiately and said why we didn't listen to her. The another friend and I looked at each face and laughed. We had same reason why we didn't listen. That was the complaining of a customer. She looked very serious and frightful while she was complaining to a poor waiter who always said "I'm sorry, I'm very sorry, sir." The complaint was about surving the dish lately.

Later, we all made a concentrate with the conversation which consisted of the powerful woman, the poor waiter and a pitiful manager who was just coming. Finally, the woman had gone and the restaurant bacame peaceful again. Then, we were back to our talk again and laughed for our habits that we were interested in other people's business like this. It was really not good but we still did. ^^;


Hope you enjoy with my story. See you!


Friday, September 15, 2006


Someone told me this time is the rainy season. I don't really like rainy season
though I was born in rainy season and my name "Patsarat" mean rain.
The only good thing I found about rainy season is when I was studying in Mattayom 5 at my hometown. My school closed because it rained heavily and flood.
It was raining heavily for three days but everyone still had to go to school.
On the 3 th day it started to flood.My friends and I was waiting for an annoucenment
of the school to let us home.
While we was standing on 4 th floor the director, a thin tall man in semi formal suit,
was wadding around the school. I didn't know what he did but my friend told me
he tried to measure water level. Thirty minute after that we was let home.
Wadding home was very fun for me and I got home safety but my neighbor had
a problem. She fell in to a drain. Luckily, she is a quite tall girl so she could climb up.
It was horrible. If I fell down, how could I survive.

Patsarat (Too)